Catholic Identity

As a Catholic community, we strive to create a Christian educational community committed to high educational standards within the framework of Catholic principles.School---Catholic-Values-Page

We expect all St. Monica students to be faith-centered individuals who regularly pray on their own and attend Mass; read, understand and share with others God's word in the Holy Bible; develop a personal relationship with Jesus and tries to live His example, and use the personal talents that God has given them to serve their family, school and parish .
A St. Monica Student strives to be...

A faith-filled Catholic who:

  •  practices Christian virtues by making good moral judgements
  • practices various forms of prayers
  • uses his/her talents by giving service in school, parish, and community
  • locates and understands Scripture passages

Lifelong Learner who:

  • sees the value of Fine Arts
  • implements technology to enhance research skills
  • puts forth effort to achieve academic potential to master basic learning skills
  • uses critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • develops spiritually, mentally, and physically

Effective Communicator who:

  • expresses clear written and oral ideas respectfully
  • applies the skills of an active listener
  • articulates beliefs and opinions respectfully and with conviction
  • demonstrates manners and courtesy appropriately

A Responsible Individual who:

  • strives to live a healthy lifestyle
  • understands varying points of view and cultural differences
  • accepts challenges and pursues goals
  • analyzes options when making choices
  • participates appropriately when working independently and collaboratively