Hear what our teachers have to say about SMS:

St. Monica Catholic School prepares our students for tomorrow's world. Our faculty makes this possible by fostering a love of learning in our students. It School---Academics-2starts with a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on molding our students to their full potential. We make sure the class content fits within our Catholic faith, learning objectives, and the reality our students with encounter. Our faculty makes learning a fun experience.

We use a wide range of resources to support academic growth and development for all learners.  Compass Learning is one tool.  Coupled with a student's NWEA assessment results, the activities in Compass Learning are aligned with a student's individual academic needs.

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Grading Scale

O – Outstanding          S – Satisfactory           U – Unsatisfactory


A = 95% – 100%

B = 86% – 94%

C = 76% – 85%

D = 70% – 75% 

F = 69% or below

I = incomplete


Standardized Testing

At Saint Monica Catholic School, it is important for learning to be engaging and relevant.  All children learn in different ways. Whether students are working individually or collaborating in a group, the learning process should be meaningful and enjoyable.



All students in kindergarten through 8th grade are assessed several times throughout the school year to help teachers individualize instruction. Several tests are used to measure academic achievement. Some of these assessment tools include the Northwest Evaluation Association’s MAP testing (NWEA), ALEKS online math program, and RAZ kids reading.

From these assessments, teachers design classroom instruction so that each student is challenged to his or her highest potential in a loving, safe environment. The teachers also understand that each child learns through different instructional models. 

The data provided by these various assessments is then used to create each student's Individual Academic Plan (IAP).