Parish Policies

Communications Policy

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Photography Policy

Baptisms, Confirmations, First Communions, and weddings are golden photo opportunities. They are transformative events to be rightfully treasured in memory. There are many moments throughout the course of these special days that offer families and friends the chance to take pictures. The crucial question is whether it is appropriate to do so during the actual reception of a sacrament.

  • It is expected that photography during the mass and special events be limited and discreet. 
  • Photographers should be aware of the sacred environment, being careful not to take photos or move in a way that distracts the participants in the congregation. 
  • No photos may be taken during exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Eucharistic Adoration) or liturgy of the Eucharist. 
  • Photographers are never allowed in the sanctuary or on altar steps. 
  • Parishioners should not leave their pew during mass; photos should be taken from the pew. 
  • No tripods should be used or set up during mass. 
  • Flash photography is permitted before and after the mass only. 
  • Photographers are not permitted to stand in the main aisle of the church. 
  • Special guidelines are available at the main office. 

St. Monica Child Safety Guidelines

From the St. Monica Parish Council and Family & Youth Advancement Team Children are an integral part of our parish life, and as such, their presence is important as a continued witness of God’s love. Their safety must be of paramount importance for all. The St. Monica Parish Pastoral Council has adopted the following child safety guidelines:

  • Adult Supervision: Children under 18 years of age must be under direct, visual supervision by a parent, guardian, or other designated caregiver (adult, hired sitter, or older sibling over the age of 18) at all times unless they are in a program led by VIRTUS trained and background-checked adults. Trips to the bathroom, especially for younger children, should be with a parent or legal guardian 
  • Inside the Building: Children should not run through hallways, classrooms, or gathering areas at any time. Small children may take older adults by surprise, causing hot coffee spills and other accidental injuries. Babysitting in another room or in the Narthex by non-VIRTUS trained older brothers or sisters is not permitted. Parents and guardians are responsible for coaching their children about this hazard and correcting improper behaviors. At Mass or any worship service, children should be sitting with an adult who is responsible for their safety. Running in the church or daily mass chapel, especially up and down the aisles, near the altar, or in the back of church, in and around the Narthex, baptismal font or coat room is dangerous and distracting to those trying to worship. If your child must leave Mass, an adult should accompany that child, particularly for younger children. Please be attentive and encourage good behavior in our worship space, this can be part of your prayer as a parent. 
  • Outside the Building: Children 12 and under may not be left unattended outside the church building, on the playground, on the front or back lawn, or anywhere else on church property. Children playing outside without direct adult supervision are a safety concern due to the number of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. Parents should never assume that someone else is watching their children. 
  • Religious Education/Youth Ministry Programs: Criminal background checks and VIRTUS training are required of all educators and volunteers working with youth. 
  • General Classroom Safety Guideline: There must be two VIRTUS trained adults in the classroom during all religious education sessions both and on off campus. Class leaders and volunteers will notify the Director of Religious Education (DRE) if their group is outside of the building. Signed fieldtrip permission slips will be obtained at registration and will be on file with the DRE. 
  • In Case of Injury: If there is a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. Contact the Director of Religious Education (DRE) immediately if a child is injured or ill. A report will be filed with the DRE documenting any accident. 
  • Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in providing a safe, prayerful environment for everyone who worships at St. Monica Parish. 


St. Monica Alcohol Policy

  • Catholic Teaching Alcohol is to be used with responsibility and with temperance. Excessive consumption of alcohol lowers a person’s ability to make good, rational decisions. This loss of rational judgment will often lead to poor decisions that can often bring harm to others and to the person him/herself. Therefore, excessive consumption of alcohol is morally wrong. At St. Monica Parish we wish to affirm this teaching by following procedures that discourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol and abuse.
  • Alcohol Policy for Private Parties Regardless of who supplies the alcoholic beverages, any event with alcoholic beverages is controlled by Indiana law, which clearly holds parties liable when a minor or intoxicated person is served. The following measures are to be followed if you will be having alcoholic beverages at your function in the parish.
  • Beer and Wine serving: All servers of beer and wine must be adults of 21 years of age or older. They may not personally partake of any alcoholic beverages while serving alcoholic beverages to others. They must be knowledgeable of and enforce all rules, regulations and policies that apply to the serving of alcoholic beverages (i.e. no one under legal drinking age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages; no alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone who appears to be intoxicated; will not knowingly allow others to get drinks for anyone under the legal drinking age, etc). Servers of alcoholic beverages must conduct themselves in a responsible manner. SERVING HARD LIQUOR IS NOT ALLOWED (Distilled beverages such as whisky and gin, etc). 
    1. Beer and wine must never be served to anyone who is under 21 years of age, the legal drinking age in Indiana. 
    2. Those who serve alcoholic drinks shall not drink alcoholic beverages prior to or while serving, until they are fully alert and their system is free of alcohol. 
    3. The individual who is serving alcoholic drinks should serve only two drinks at a time to any individual. 
    4. The commonly accepted drink measurements shall adhere to the following recommended standards: No more than 12 ounces of beer or 4-5 ounces of wine as a maximum per serving. 
    5. Food must be served constantly throughout the event that is taking place. 
    6. No alcoholic beverages shall be brought into the event other than the ones being distributed under the guidance of the staff members or person(s) responsible for the event. 
    7. No alcoholic beverage will be permitted to leave the premises where they are served. 
    8. The individual who contracted the use of the facility is responsible for ensuring there is no excessive drinking and that the policy is followed. 
    9. A plan shall be in place to handle an individual who has had too much to drink. This plan should include: A. An alternative method of transportation home after the event; should the individual be diminished or in an incapacitated state and unable to drive their vehicle. B. A method to limit or stop an individual’s consumption should he or she have too much to drink in the opinion of the server or bartender handling the event. (This detection method can be handled through simple observation, examples may include demonstration of slurred speech, staggering, stumbling behavior or poor motor skill coordination). No further alcohol should be given, dispensed or made available to this person. 
    10. At least one hour before the event concludes, no further alcohol shall be made available to the individuals at the event.