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“If you want peace, work for justice.” - Pope Paul VI

At St. Monica, we believe Social Justice begins with an understanding of Catholic Social Teachings. Catholic Social Teaching involves both charity and justice.

Through works of charity, we help individuals meet their basic needs—supplying food, shelter, money, respect, caring.

For the cause of justice, we work to correct problems in the community to affect social change for the future.

A Scripture Guide on Catholic Social Teaching has been prepared by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It spells out so clearly how God calls each of us to love everyone. In light of Catholic social teaching, we want to raise awareness and educate parishioners about current injustices present in our world today and take action appropriate to a parish community. We highlight current issues in our world that need our prayer and action. We do this through bulletin articles, hosting speakers, encouraging participation in signature campaigns for social issues, providing opportunities for outreach, sponsoring discussion groups and workshops.

Get Involved

You can become as involved as you want to, or as your schedule permits. The only requirement is a desire to live out the social implications of the Gospel. Monthly meetings are held at St. Monica on the third Monday of each month. We come together to reflect, discuss, and form plans of action. For those interested, there are various educational activities offered such as workshops, Just Faith, presentations and discussion groups.

For more information on the Social Justice Ministry, contact Ed Witulski at 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email

Respect Life

We bring to the parish’s attention issues in today’s world where effort is needed to ensure all life is respected. We are a link between the archdiocese and the parish on these issues as well as a link to surrounding parishes.

Some of the ways we serve include:

  • Informational bulletin articles 
  • Prayer services 
  • Collections for pregnancy crisis centers 
  • Information about archdiocese workshops 
  • Legislation updates on life issues 

Our ministry meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. We share prayer and information and we discuss how to serve our parish regarding life issues. We are delighted to add new members to whatever degree they wish to participate.

One of the tenets of Social Justice in the Church is respect for human life. The Respect Life Ministry has three main goals:

  • To educate this parish on the issues of abortion and euthanasia with the hope our parishioners will educate others 
  • To celebrate life throughout the year 
  • To pray for a more loving and civilized society that does not kill the old, the weak and the unborn We need people who will be active, who have ideas, who will call legislators when necessary, to hand out information at church, to plan community evenings and to pray. 

For information, contact Steve Martin via the Parish Office, 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email

Gabriel Project

St. Monica Gabriel Project is ready to provide a mother in a crisis or unplanned pregnancy with the kinds of assistance that she needs in caring for herself and for her unborn baby.  Examples include:

  • Friendship, emotional support, and prayer
  • Rides to appointments
  • Material items for the baby
  • Pastoral care and counseling
  • Resources for medical and prenatal care
  • Financial assistance resources
  • Resources for housing, education, adoption, and employment

We work alongside the St. Monica Pro-Life Committee and the Knights of Columbus. We are part of a network called the Great Lakes Gabriel Project, which is endorsed by the Pro-Life/Family Life Office of every diocese in Indiana and by the Indiana Knights of Columbus. Website:  glgabrielproject.org.